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The Studio of dance offers classes for students age 3 to 103, from combo classes to competition teams and everything in between.
2018-2019 Schedule & Registration
Class Descriptions: Appropriate class placement will be at the discretion of the teacher or director after the student’s first class.  Placement will be determined by age and ability level.  Dance is a learning process that builds on itself as the dancer grows and everyone will progress at their own pace.  It is common for many dancers to remain in the same levels for 2 or 3 years before moving ahead while some will advance more quickly.  All class sizes are limited to ensure every dancer gets what they need. Combo Classes:  A 1 to 1.5 hour class depending on age, designed for the younger students as an introduction to the different styles of dance – creative movement, ballet, tap, and jazz. *Twinkle Toes:  1 hour class/age 3 Designed especially for your little ones with emphasis on song and dance, movement, gross motor skills, rhythm, ballet, tap and lots of fun! *Demi Dancers:  1 hour class/ages 4-7 **DD1:  age 4-5 **DD2:  age 5-6 **DD3:  age 6-7 This program is designed to introduce basic ballet and tap, concepts and terminology.  Begin work on the barre, balance, coordination, poise and rhythm while having fun and building the foundations for future studies in dance. *Advanced Combo:  1.5 hour class/ages 7-8 Continue building your foundations for ballet and tap and enhancing your musicality while adding the fundamentals of jazz dance into your class. Single Subject Classes:  3/4 to 1.5 hour classes are by level with Level I starting at ages 8 & up, progressing with prior experience and teacher recommendation. Acro for Dance: Similar to gymnastics, acrobatics focuses mainly on flexibility and strength training in order to perfect tricks such as cartwheels, as well as tumbling passes, such as handsprings, and tucks that you may see in choregraphy.  Acro is taught on mats and is individualized to each student’s ability and level. Ballet: As the foundation for all forms of dance, ballet training is an essential part of any type of dance.  Proper ballet training builds strength, poise, grace, flexibility, alignment and discipline, using various techniques through barre and center floor work.  At the more advanced levels, it is recommended to take several classes per week.  Pointe is an advanced form of ballet and requires the recommendation of the instructor. Tap: Tap technique teaches the student the basic fundamentals of tap sounds, and steps leading to more advanced rhythms and syncopation.  Excellent for developing coordination of mind and body, tap helps to build a stronger perceptive sense of timing, phrasing and musicality. Jazz:  Jazz is a stylized dance form frequently used in television, movies, videos and concert dance.  The classes include warm-ups, body isolations, across the floor work and technique. Contemporary:  Contemporary dance (a form of Jazz dance) draws on modern and postmodern dance as a source of inspiration.   Hip Hop:  Hip Hop requires no prior dance training.  Hip Hop classes offer structured form of street dance and funk to the latest hip hop and rap music.  This style of dance gives students freedom to express their individuality through creative, free-style dance movements as well as choreography.  Aerobic endurance and conditioning is a large part of the class and choreography. Leaps & Turns:  Leaps & Turns will consist of warm ups incorporating the skills needed to spot for turns, and the elements to take leaps and jumps to higher levels.  Flexibility and stretching exercises will be a strong component in this class as well as core strengthening.  All of which enhance the bodies abilities to reduce injury and soreness, and increase body awareness and range of motion. Poms:  Poms is a style of dance that usually performs at sporting events.  These classes are designed to prepare dancers for high school Poms auditions or just for fun.  Poms dance contains kick lines, ripples, sharpness and flexibilty.  Poms incorporates many styles of dance including jazz, hip hop, and lyrical. Teen/Adult Classes: Teen/Adult classes are offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop.  These are classes for beginner to intermediate levels for ages 14 and up. Classes are fun, social, and a great way to stay in shape! Competition Teams:  Students enter this program through audition or upon teacher recommendation and are chosen by skill level, motivation and dedication. Being a Competition Team member is equivalent to being on a “select” sports team, a significant commitment to dance and a great deal of extra time and effort is involved.  If interested, please contact the studio director.
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